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    Happy Canada Day

    Well its our Nations Birthday today. It also happens to be Alberta Apparel's first year in business and what a whirlwind its been. From starting a website to finding Canadian made clothing, sourcing designers to selling at markets. So much has been learned and yet so much left to be accomplished to. If there's one main theme here, its that no matter how much you work, and how smart you work, you can not do it all as an entrepreneur. 

    There are some jobs in life that you can accomplish on your own. However most jobs, no matter what industry or level, require teamwork. I've learned that I can't be the photographer, the visionary, the sales and marketing guy, the designer, the social media person etc. Currently I have hired (or bribed) a photographer, hired a social media person, hired a designer for my lookbook, and that's just at the moment. In the past I've hired contractors to do other tasks and its saved me a lot of time and headaches, although it has costed me some money.

    There's an old adage that we need to remember. "You have to spend money to make money" and this is always true. This doesn't mean spending $1000 a month on SEO or product right out of the gate, but you do you need to spend money on expertise or resources at some point, and focus your efforts on the higher level activities that you are good at, and let other people you hire to do tasks that you are clueless on. 

    Hobblit based out of YYC...

    Meet Sam. Sam's a cool guy. He has this amazing idea you should read about...

    ABAP - Tell us a little bit about yourself…

    Hobblit - I’m currently a PhD student at the UofC (Organizational Psychology). During my graduate studies, I started working at a local tech startup. It was my first time being introduced into the wonderful world of startups. The major difference I found working at a startup was the people that surround you. Everybody is motivated and driven to execute on a variety of different ideas. Work takes on a different meaning if you feel like it’ll affect people in a positive manner. 

    As a result, I developed a passion for startups and startup culture. So I decided to work on something that I’ve always wanted to see happen— a global community centre. 

    I always enjoyed heading to the community centre to socialize and learn something new from local experts. The community I was part of always found local experts to come and host a workshop to teach the surrounding communities. The vibe that’s created when people come together for one goal is incredible. That’s what I wanted to recreate with Hobblit.

    Whether it be a photowalk, icefishing, a cooking class or woodworking, anything is possible!


    ABAP - Why did you start this company? What do you you?

    Last year, I realized I really sucked at photography. A hobby of mine that I take semi-seriously. I’ve been the guy who brings his camera around parties for the better of 5 years— and always ends up with blurry shots. Being fed up with my photography skills, I decided that I was going to take a class that summer. However, everywhere I looked charged upwards of $500 and required a 3 week commitment— out of my budget. So I decided to check out Meetup.com photography groups. I found that these groups were great for meeting and talking with other photographers - but not for actually learning by doing. So I decided to check out Kijiji to find a photographer who would bring me out for a photowalk. After a bit of digging, I found one. We decided on a price and I went right back to meetup.com to see if people would be interested in the photowalk. To my surprise, everyone I had asked was interested and was more than happy to split the cost. At the end of the day, we all got what we came for: a) we made great friends, b) we learned what we wanted to learn and c) saved a ton of money.

    I started the company to re-create just that experience but with every other activity— think of the possibilities!

    I currently work as the Founder, CEO, Secretary and janitor. We have a team of 6 people at the moment.


    ABAP - What are some of the challenges you're facing right now as a start up/ industry related?

    At the moment, we're finding it hard to expand our development team as we’ve chosen to work with Ruby on Rails. It seems like all the RoR peeps reside on the west coast \M/ .  


    ABAP - Big plans for 2016?

    We plan to have hosts all over Canada by the end of 2016. We’re beginning to see traction in Toronto, Vancouver and Edmonton. Possibly entering the US market in 2017? Fingers crossed!


    ABAP - Advise for entrepreneurs out there?

    Don’t give up. I think the most challenging aspect to being an entrepreneur is the internal battle you fight with yourself. You’re only confined by the walls you build.


    ABAP - Where can people find you on the World Wide Web?

    www.hobblit.com Check it out and don’t forget to sign up!


    ABAP - Lastly! What makes Calgary/Alberta so special for you? 

    The people here are by far the most friendly I’ve ever met. The entrepreneur community is collaborative and very welcoming! Almost everybody I’ve pinged for a coffee has been more than happy to sit down. 

    Also.. It helps that the mountains are so close, great place to change up the scenery!

    Introducing Megan Marrinan

    Megan is one of the latest Alberta Apparel Ambassadors based out of YEG. Check out her story below and follow her on Instagram!

    Megan Marrinan was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. After high school she made the decision to go after her dreams in Vancouver where she would attend Fashion Merchandising at Blanche Macdonald. After graduating fashion school, Megan returned to Edmonton to take advantage of the growing city and opportunities within it. Megan is now a freelance social media strategist helping talented individuals and companies to be further recognized through social interaction. 

    Megan believes that Alberta is full of unlimited opportunities, and the province is only just scratching the surface of what it will be in the future. With the amount of creative companies and individuals, she couldn't be prouder to be living in a city like Edmonton or to support a local company like Alberta Apparel who works towards amazing quality."

    Lowen's Skincare

    Its not often you can find a skincare company that's local, that also makes the products locally, and sources the raw ingredients locally...
    ABAP - Tell us a little bit about yourself...

    Lowen's- Well, I’m a father of 2 and husband of one beautiful gal.  Work 2 jobs (Lowen’s and carry a day-job to ensure security, support the biz to some degree and finally because I like it!) 

    I’m a pharmacist, tinkerer and networker.  Love entrepreneurialism and hope to bring up by two daughters in a financially literate environment.


    ABAP - Why did you start this company? What do you you?

    Lowen's - A problem created Lowen’s Natural Skincare.  Our story was, when Lowen was young she got a bad diaper rash and nothing would touch it.  Being a pharmacist and being admittedly terrified of babies, I immediately saw my utility and got to work making a better diaper balm and I did.  Everything started with Lowen’s butter balm – turned out I had an aptitude for formulation…I guess I was paying attention in school!


    ABAP - What are some of the challenges you're facing right now as a start up/ industry related?

    Lowen's - Sales! Cash-flow!  The two are intertwined.  We are gaining traction and exposure through local media, social media and our awesome retail partners.  But, as a business and in adding value to raw ingredients it is a balance of managing raw ingredient inventory, finished product, perishability of both, new product development and ongoing marketing.  Plus I am one person and there isn’t $$$ to hire staff.  So I’m running as lean as possible and playing the long game.


    ABAP - Big plans for 2016?

    Lowen's - We’ve got a partnership with an established spa coming up that is going to be awesome.  A couple irons in the fire with Mr. Thomas Mo…  Some ongoing charitable activities. Really, working with local, like-minded people is so where it's 


    ABAP - Advise for entrepreneurs out there?

    Lowen's - Don’t do it because you think it will be better if you own it.  Case in point, and no slight to my Pharmacist friends out there, but I would never own a Pharmacy.  I know it wouldn’t work if I ran it!  (I managed on for a while…nightmare).  For me, having a business allows me to collaborate with the coolest people, help and participate in philanthropic causes I otherwise wouldn’t be able to, innovate and create and then be rewarded for it in the end!  Definitely not easy, definitely rewarding if you are in it for the right reasons so be honest with yourself! 


    ABAP - Where can people find you on the World Wide Web?

    www.lowens.ca, exchangeogram, book of faces, the bird thing, The picture thing – pinterest?


    ABAP - Lastly! What makes Calgary/Alberta so special for you? 

    Lowen's - Friends, support, growth.  I’ve lived here for 15 years and seeing the city change and bloom into the current state is amazing.  I’m grateful to be part of the action and look forward to being part of the growth.

    Amanda Hanna - Posana Wellness

    My friend Amanda and I met at Wanderlust in Whistler last year. We've been brainstorming and chatting together on ideas, events, entrepreneurship and life in general. Here are some insights from her end!

    ABAP - Tell us a little bit about yourself...

    Posana - My name is Amanda and I am a born and raised Calgary girl! I'm a free-spirit and lover of nature and all things beautiful and inspiring. You can typically find me teaching a yoga class, doing card readings, working with crystals and energy or getting into deep, raw conversations with anyone who's open. I will forever be a student of life and am learning every single day in whatever way I can. 


    ABAP - Why did you start this company? What do you you?

    Posana - I started Posana Integrative Wellness because I needed to find a way to bring everything I am passionate about into one place. I do things from the heart so I definitely needed to be able to be my own boss! My job in a nutshell; I offer nutrition consultations and guidance, I teach yoga classes as well as offer private lessons, I am a reiki master and love to do energy and spiritual work, I also offer life/spirituality coaching sessions and host a variety of workshops. I want to help people reconnect with themselves on a deeper level so that they can live healthy, empowered and meaningful lives. 


    ABAP - What are some of the challenges you're facing right now as a start up/ industry related?

    Posana - Not enough hours in the day! Taking time for myself in order to reconnect, recharge and refresh is definitely a huge focus for me; it'd be nice if those hours didn't count towards my day so I could get more done! I put a lot of time and energy into everything I do, big or small, so each project or client takes a special chunk of time. I also don't really love the numbers side of thing, namely accounting, which is important apparently. I'd love if there were more resources, information and guidance for young entrepreneurs that were easy to digest and understand; I already don't want to deal with it, so make it easy for me! I also struggle with not spreading myself too thin, I want to say yes to everything and take it all on but I'm learning to dial that back. 


    ABAP - Big plans for 2016?

    Posana - I plan on making 2016 a very big year for Posana! There will be workshops galore; the next one being Lunar Yin. We will be getting into some beautiful Yin yoga with affirmations, a new moon mediation and then discussing the power and influence of the different lunar cycles and how they impact us every day, as well how to harness this power and incorporate it into your everyday lives. I will be focusing a lot on building a community within Calgary for those who are looking for something a little different and whole lot deeper.


    ABAP - Advise for entrepreneurs out there?

    Posana - If not now, when? The scariest step is saying yes to yourself and diving in. We have a funny way of talking ourselves out of things that could be really amazing. There's a reason you think about certain things all the time and you know the feeling of passion and excitement within your heart, say yes to those ideas. I find that the things that scare us the most and make us feel uncomfortable are the things we should do! Lean into the discomfort and listen to your inner guidance, usually it's your brain making sure you've thought things through before committing, that's a good thing, don't let that scare you off. Enjoy every single second of the journey. Be patient and don't expect greatness immediately.


    ABAP - Where can people find you on the World Wide Web?


    Instagram- @posana_wellnessyyc
    Facebook- Posana Integrative Wellness


    ABAP - Lastly! What makes Calgary/Alberta so special for you? 

    Posana - The mountains! Oh man, do I love those beautiful and majestic mountains as our backdrop. I love being able to escape and reconnect any chance I get. I travel quite a bit and our world is a stunning and enchanting place but our mountains will always have a special place in my heart.
    I do really love the recent shift towards local and sustainable living. There seems to be more and more people starting their own business or at least side-business and I think this entrepreneurial spirit definitely makes Calgary an exciting city to be in right now, regardless of the current economy. We're finding ways to get back to our roots and, dare I say, maybe become a little less reliant on oil and gas, and that's pretty great.