Happy Canada Day

July 01, 2016

Well its our Nations Birthday today. It also happens to be Alberta Apparel's first year in business and what a whirlwind its been. From starting a website to finding Canadian made clothing, sourcing designers to selling at markets. So much has been learned and yet so much left to be accomplished to. If there's one main theme here, its that no matter how much you work, and how smart you work, you can not do it all as an entrepreneur. 

There are some jobs in life that you can accomplish on your own. However most jobs, no matter what industry or level, require teamwork. I've learned that I can't be the photographer, the visionary, the sales and marketing guy, the designer, the social media person etc. Currently I have hired (or bribed) a photographer, hired a social media person, hired a designer for my lookbook, and that's just at the moment. In the past I've hired contractors to do other tasks and its saved me a lot of time and headaches, although it has costed me some money.

There's an old adage that we need to remember. "You have to spend money to make money" and this is always true. This doesn't mean spending $1000 a month on SEO or product right out of the gate, but you do you need to spend money on expertise or resources at some point, and focus your efforts on the higher level activities that you are good at, and let other people you hire to do tasks that you are clueless on. 

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