Jesse Martineau

Jesse Martineau

March 20, 2016

I havent forgotten about the YEG folks trust me! I've found a few awesome people up there to rep Alberta Apparel proudly, and who understand the values that we stand for...

Jesse Martineau

I am a Father of 5 sons, a photographer, blogger, and public speaker that builds character development to students in many junior-high schools. Photography has been a growing passion of mine since I was 5 years old, when I first saw "The Green Eyed Girl" on the cover of National Geographic. I moved to Alberta 9 years ago from Vancouver Island, while people ask me "why?" I quickly explain that not only is Alberta my home, but the beauty held within it's borders is astounding!

My goal is to promote what incredible sights we have here in Alberta, from the Aurora Borealis to the Rocky Mountains, and everything in between! I love what the Alberta Apparel brand is working towards, quality, Alberta produced clothing, and breaking the norm of many other company's that outsource everything they do. 

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