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We have all been to airports and touristic areas. What do you typically see for sale? Usually items that are not made locally, not sourced ethically, and that have little to no story behind them.  

Enter Alberta Apparel! A local clothing company in based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, we are bringing awareness and style to Albertans and tourists abroad to represent the history, culture and natural beauty of our amazing province. We sell our product online and at select retailers.

All of our garments are cut and sewn in Canada! Our entire team is Albertan, from our graphic designers, to the website nerds, to our photographers. We believe in supporting our local economy. All of our decorating work (silkscreening, embroidery, etc.) is done right here in Alberta, so 80% of the money you spend stays in our province. #supportlocal

Have a listen to the Self Agency Advocate Podcast to catch an interview with the owner and founder of Alberta Apparel, Thomas Mo. Listen here: Rethinking Stylishly Conscious Consumerism

Thomas started Alberta Apparel over 4 years ago. He sees a great need for everyone to know and understand where their clothing comes from. Within the industry, Thomas wants to educate people on the Made in Canada movement, promote it, and encourage consumers to buy less and buy smart. 


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