Introducing TEADORE - a local Tea company

March 28, 2016 1 Comment

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Thomas Poitras from TEADORE, another local small start up here in Alberta. 

ABAP - Tell us a little bit about yourself...

TEADORE- Teadore Company is a local, Alberta based, Certified Organic Loose Leaf Tea company specializing in unique blends and wellness related teas and tisanes.


ABAP - Why did you start this company?

We noticed the amount of artificial components in lots of loose leaf blends and realized you can achieve the same high quality taste without them. The rising trend in the local, organic, and tea industries also contributed to the viability of Teadore.


ABAP - What are some of the challenges you're facing right now as a start up/ industry related?

Marketing and Accessibility are always a challenge, and for us they are always evolving. Growth is another major road block. We are working to increase our volume capacity, which has major operations related concerns.


ABAP - Big plans for 2016?

TEADORE - Imminent launch! We are in the initial phase of really finding out who we are as a company. 2016 should be interesting at the very least, but also very exciting!


ABAP - Advise for entrepreneurs out there?

TEADORE - Persevere. If it was easy, everyone would do it. If you believe you are the king of your castle then others will too. Our internal Teadore motto is "Make it work". There is always a solution.


ABAP - Where can people find you on the World Wide Web?          @teadoreco            


ABAP - Lastly! What makes Calgary/Alberta so special for you?

TEADORE - Being born and raised in Alberta, and always taking advantage of what is close to home, Alberta is truly home for me. The variance in landscape and possibilities throughout the province still amazes me. Whether it has been adventures, work, vacation or travel, the vast majority of my time is Alberta's. It was important to me to create a strong foundation for Teadore in Alberta prior to expanding. Because what is a home without a solid base?

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