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March 31, 2016

My friend Amanda and I met at Wanderlust in Whistler last year. We've been brainstorming and chatting together on ideas, events, entrepreneurship and life in general. Here are some insights from her end!

ABAP - Tell us a little bit about yourself...

Posana - My name is Amanda and I am a born and raised Calgary girl! I'm a free-spirit and lover of nature and all things beautiful and inspiring. You can typically find me teaching a yoga class, doing card readings, working with crystals and energy or getting into deep, raw conversations with anyone who's open. I will forever be a student of life and am learning every single day in whatever way I can. 


ABAP - Why did you start this company? What do you you?

Posana - I started Posana Integrative Wellness because I needed to find a way to bring everything I am passionate about into one place. I do things from the heart so I definitely needed to be able to be my own boss! My job in a nutshell; I offer nutrition consultations and guidance, I teach yoga classes as well as offer private lessons, I am a reiki master and love to do energy and spiritual work, I also offer life/spirituality coaching sessions and host a variety of workshops. I want to help people reconnect with themselves on a deeper level so that they can live healthy, empowered and meaningful lives. 


ABAP - What are some of the challenges you're facing right now as a start up/ industry related?

Posana - Not enough hours in the day! Taking time for myself in order to reconnect, recharge and refresh is definitely a huge focus for me; it'd be nice if those hours didn't count towards my day so I could get more done! I put a lot of time and energy into everything I do, big or small, so each project or client takes a special chunk of time. I also don't really love the numbers side of thing, namely accounting, which is important apparently. I'd love if there were more resources, information and guidance for young entrepreneurs that were easy to digest and understand; I already don't want to deal with it, so make it easy for me! I also struggle with not spreading myself too thin, I want to say yes to everything and take it all on but I'm learning to dial that back. 


ABAP - Big plans for 2016?

Posana - I plan on making 2016 a very big year for Posana! There will be workshops galore; the next one being Lunar Yin. We will be getting into some beautiful Yin yoga with affirmations, a new moon mediation and then discussing the power and influence of the different lunar cycles and how they impact us every day, as well how to harness this power and incorporate it into your everyday lives. I will be focusing a lot on building a community within Calgary for those who are looking for something a little different and whole lot deeper.


ABAP - Advise for entrepreneurs out there?

Posana - If not now, when? The scariest step is saying yes to yourself and diving in. We have a funny way of talking ourselves out of things that could be really amazing. There's a reason you think about certain things all the time and you know the feeling of passion and excitement within your heart, say yes to those ideas. I find that the things that scare us the most and make us feel uncomfortable are the things we should do! Lean into the discomfort and listen to your inner guidance, usually it's your brain making sure you've thought things through before committing, that's a good thing, don't let that scare you off. Enjoy every single second of the journey. Be patient and don't expect greatness immediately.


ABAP - Where can people find you on the World Wide Web?

Instagram- @posana_wellnessyyc
Facebook- Posana Integrative Wellness


ABAP - Lastly! What makes Calgary/Alberta so special for you? 

Posana - The mountains! Oh man, do I love those beautiful and majestic mountains as our backdrop. I love being able to escape and reconnect any chance I get. I travel quite a bit and our world is a stunning and enchanting place but our mountains will always have a special place in my heart.
I do really love the recent shift towards local and sustainable living. There seems to be more and more people starting their own business or at least side-business and I think this entrepreneurial spirit definitely makes Calgary an exciting city to be in right now, regardless of the current economy. We're finding ways to get back to our roots and, dare I say, maybe become a little less reliant on oil and gas, and that's pretty great. 

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