In response to Covid-19

We are now selling made in Alberta, machine washable, non-medical face masks at the same cost we make them for.

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huge summer sale on now

Ends Friday, July 17, 2020 at midnight!

A free surprise gift might sound too good to be true, but given the current global situation, we haven't had as many retail sales, which means we have some products that we just can't store anymore! It's time to do some late, but much needed, spring cleaning and we thought you, our amazing customers, should be the ones to benefit. We can't say exactly what you'll receive (maybe a hat, toque, mittens, shirt, sweater, who knows!), but we're sure you or a family member will love it.
Our products are built to be loved for years on end so there's no sense in them sitting in storage when they could be out adventuring with you.

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We are a team of Albertans who are passionate about where we live, work and play. Our products are all proudly Made in Canada and finished right here in Alberta. Our apparel is inspired by the lifestyle, beauty and diversity of our province. We can't wait for our products to be a part of your next Alberta adventure! 80% of all revenues stays in Alberta.

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