Lowen's Skincare

April 04, 2016

Its not often you can find a skincare company that's local, that also makes the products locally, and sources the raw ingredients locally...
ABAP - Tell us a little bit about yourself...

Lowen's- Well, I’m a father of 2 and husband of one beautiful gal.  Work 2 jobs (Lowen’s and carry a day-job to ensure security, support the biz to some degree and finally because I like it!) 

I’m a pharmacist, tinkerer and networker.  Love entrepreneurialism and hope to bring up by two daughters in a financially literate environment.


ABAP - Why did you start this company? What do you you?

Lowen's - A problem created Lowen’s Natural Skincare.  Our story was, when Lowen was young she got a bad diaper rash and nothing would touch it.  Being a pharmacist and being admittedly terrified of babies, I immediately saw my utility and got to work making a better diaper balm and I did.  Everything started with Lowen’s butter balm – turned out I had an aptitude for formulation…I guess I was paying attention in school!


ABAP - What are some of the challenges you're facing right now as a start up/ industry related?

Lowen's - Sales! Cash-flow!  The two are intertwined.  We are gaining traction and exposure through local media, social media and our awesome retail partners.  But, as a business and in adding value to raw ingredients it is a balance of managing raw ingredient inventory, finished product, perishability of both, new product development and ongoing marketing.  Plus I am one person and there isn’t $$$ to hire staff.  So I’m running as lean as possible and playing the long game.


ABAP - Big plans for 2016?

Lowen's - We’ve got a partnership with an established spa coming up that is going to be awesome.  A couple irons in the fire with Mr. Thomas Mo…  Some ongoing charitable activities. Really, working with local, like-minded people is so where it's 


ABAP - Advise for entrepreneurs out there?

Lowen's - Don’t do it because you think it will be better if you own it.  Case in point, and no slight to my Pharmacist friends out there, but I would never own a Pharmacy.  I know it wouldn’t work if I ran it!  (I managed on for a while…nightmare).  For me, having a business allows me to collaborate with the coolest people, help and participate in philanthropic causes I otherwise wouldn’t be able to, innovate and create and then be rewarded for it in the end!  Definitely not easy, definitely rewarding if you are in it for the right reasons so be honest with yourself! 


ABAP - Where can people find you on the World Wide Web?

www.lowens.ca, exchangeogram, book of faces, the bird thing, The picture thing – pinterest?


ABAP - Lastly! What makes Calgary/Alberta so special for you? 

Lowen's - Friends, support, growth.  I’ve lived here for 15 years and seeing the city change and bloom into the current state is amazing.  I’m grateful to be part of the action and look forward to being part of the growth.

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