Discussion with Alberta Apparel Designer, Nia LaGrandeur

Discussion with Alberta Apparel Designer, Nia LaGrandeur

January 02, 2020

What have your experiences been like so far as an emerging designer in Calgary?

I did my undergraduate degree at the Alberta University of the Arts, and this experience really enhanced my skills as an artist and designer. The school and its community offered me many positive experiences and opportunities. I decided to major in the Graphic Design and Advertising program. This program helped me establish my style and awareness of design and its purpose in the world. Being a new designer in Calgary has been very exciting. In 2019 I began to understand who I am as a designer and to find my voice. My curiosity and creativity have been more apparent than ever -- I am very excited to see what 2020 will bring.

Why do you like about working in this field? 

As a designer, I love expanding my skills and awareness of the creative world. In my undergraduate degree, I chose to specialize in advertising because I love the versatility in projects and finding and creating conceptual content and visual solutions to better our community in Calgary and beyond. Throughout my experiences in university, internships, and with clients, I have been fortunate to create and communicate with many diverse individuals and communities. I was drawn to the design world because it is an appreciation of the importance of beauty and style in our lives. Understanding consumer language and lifestyle allows us to give people unique and exclusive experiences. 

Why are you interested in working with and supporting Alberta Apparel?

I love supporting local businesses and being a part of the community in Calgary and Alberta.  There is so much passion and drive in the Alberta Apparel brand. They are proud to be Albertan, ethically sourced, and local. Alberta Apparel is a business that cares about their team, they have been great with helping me build my portfolio and bringing opportunities to new graphic designers in Calgary.

What were your inspirations when creating a new design for Alberta Apparel?
My inspiration for these designs are Canadian travel posters, and vintage pyrex dishes (my family had many with great illustrations of Albertan landscapes). I want to create a design that is clean and simple but symbolizes community, strength and our home - where the prairies meet the mountains. 

Check out Nia's website here!

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