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    We’ve been slowly adding hand selected Albertans to our Alberta Apparel Ambassadors team, or “AAA” as its better known. For some details on them please see below. If you’d like to be a part of this fine group, please contact us!


    Curran Watts

    Curran builds on a rich tradition of Hatha and Raja Yoga by emphasizing the power of self inquiry and critical thinking. He has taught numerous workshops and classes in various aspects of Yoga, meditation and philosophy. Curran builds strong, mindful flow classes which emphasize increasingly subtle aspects of mindfulness and alignment towards deeper layers of the physical body.



    Jessica Burylo

    Jessica began doing yoga when she was 18 years old. It was her original inspiration to enjoy being active and to find an outlet for her teenage crazies. An example of this crazy was lying on her application to Yoga Teacher Training, saying she had been practicing longer than she had been, so she could be as cool as her favourite teachers right away.

    Early on in her teaching, she struggled with finding reconciliation between the spiritual expectations of her as a yoga teacher and the scholarly expectations as a science student. Don’t worry though; everything worked out. She has now been teaching yoga for 8 years, in five different countries, and on top of her original training, has completed her Advanced Training and Adjuster’s Training. She is also slowly working her way to a PhD in palaeontology. She has decided it’s okay to be a strange link between the two worlds of yoga teaching and science, and found her place teaching thoughtful- yet not spiritual- classes.

    When she has a break from teaching and studying (which I’m sure you can imagine is deliciously rare), she hikes, eats her parents food and talks about herself in the third person. In light of such a schedule, she appreciates the versatility of Alberta Apparel and its uncanny ability to fit into both her school and teaching attire.


    Jesse Martineau


    I am a Father of 5 sons, a photographer, blogger, and public speaker that builds character development to students in many junior-high schools. Photography has been a growing passion of mine since I was 5 years old, when I first saw "The Green Eyed Girl" on the cover of National Geographic. I moved to Alberta 9 years ago from Vancouver Island, while people ask me "why?" I quickly explain that not only is Alberta my home, but the beauty held within it's borders is astounding! My goal is to promote what incredible sights we have here in Alberta, from the Aurora Borealis to the Rocky Mountains, and everything in between! I love what the Alberta Apparel brand is working towards, quality, Alberta produced clothing, and breaking the norm of many other company's that outsource everything they do. 

    Website: http:/lightscameradad.com

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jesse.the.messe/?hl=en

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lights-Camera-DAD-1616441961924730/


    Jill Sakowsky

    I have always enjoyed getting outside and soaking up some fresh air with my camera in one hand, and a coffee usually in the other. My dad introduced the idea of getting a Nikon camera to me, after a trip to Mexico and taking a lot of pictures on my phone. A week after being home, I bought my first Nikon and have never looked back. My passions currently are sunsets / sunrises and nature / river scenes that the beautiful Edmonton provides to us. Another passion I have in my spare time is running a page for Edmonton artists to share their photography called @Instagramyeg. Its focus is on Edmonton’s heart and spirit, captured by none other than its residents themselves. You can visit my photography website at www.jsakowsky.smugmug.com

    I was born and raised in Western Canada where I grew up camping and fell in love with the province at a young age. The mountainous greenery, the cityscape, and the concrete jungle that is downtown Edmonton. I love to run and do hot yoga when I’m not taking photos or playing with my two cats (Jack and Zoey). 

    Home grown and supporting our own is something I stand behind. I personally love bamboo so that’s an added bonus with Alberta Apparel. I look forward to wearing their clothing in all aspects of my life; yoga, running, camping and of course, relaxing!


    Shaelyn Spring

    I was born and raised in Calgary, currently residing in Cochrane with my main kicking grounds being the Rockies. I work as a nurse and love to get outside. Hiking is primarily what I love to do; that fresh mountain air, nothing can beat that! One day I decided to start taking pictures of places I was going, to keep track of where I had been. Alberta is my home and always will be, that's why I am more than honoured to be working alongside Alberta Apparel. @shaespring 


    Nancy Guerin

    Supporting local companies is something I am very fond of as I work at the local Credit Union. On weekends I head to the Rockies and any outdoor enthusiast knows the importance of quality apparel, something Alberta Apparel firmly stands behind and for that I’m thrilled to be working alongside them. 

    Few things bring me more joy than to strap on my hiking boots, camera in hand and head out to explore our gorgeous ‘playground’.  Nature reminds me to slow down and my camera provides a sense of intimacy and connectedness with my surroundings.  I discovered photography not too long ago and it just turns out that hiking and photography are a match made in heaven.  There’s a universe of endless creative possibilities waiting to be captured and sharing these tidbits with the world around me is something I enjoy tremendously hence my IG handle @tidbits_of_my_life.  My only hope is that it inspires others to get outside, explore and indulge in photography.    Nature is my medicine and the camera is my meditation.  Perhaps it will be yours too.  


    Crystal Bargholz


    I've always spent as much time as I could in nature...and as the stark raving extrovert that I am, I've been curious and exploring how the people world and the natural world are one. We are a part of something bigger.

    To me nature is dirty feet and feeling the weather on your face. The touch of bark and rock under your fingers and big sighs your lungs can’t help but release. I have searched most my life to have a more honest connection to the world around me and to explore the depths that connection could reach...anywhere I've traveled, I find it feels the best here. And that is one reason I'm so pleased to be a part of the Alberta Apparel team! 


    Amanda McNally

    Amanda is a born and raised Albertan with a passion for the outdoors. You can usually find her hiking, snowshoeing, camping, paddle boarding, or anything else that will get her outside in our beautiful province. Her favorite adventure pal is her pup Rufus. 

    She has always had a passion for photography and enjoys taking pictures of her adventures. When she's not outdoors you can find her exercising, cooking, baking, or pushing herself to try new things. 

    She belongs to a collective of outdoorsy, inspiring, and adventurous ladies called Alberta Adventure Girls. This collective was created to make friends with like minded individuals and fits her lifestyle perfectly. 

    You can follow along with her adventures on Instagram (@amandamcnally_) or on her blog, lifeinalberta.com 


    Mark Jinks

    Photographer & Explorer

    I was born in Northampton, England and moved to Alberta at a young age. I quickly grew fond of the wide open spaces here and potential for exploration. I've always had a keen interest in Photography, but only started taking it more seriously about a year ago.

    Travelling around Alberta on the weekends is my favourite pastime, exploring the province and attempting to capture the essence of it with my camera. I am a firm believer in the "support local" ideal, so I'm happy to represent Alberta Apparel, and what they stand for. In Alberta's constantly changing climate, one can never be prepared enough with enough comfortable clothing for any activities you might be engaging in.

    You can follow along on my adventures on:

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/splitsecondsnapshot

    Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Mark-Jinks-Photography-285805101590166/